The Soul Spark Challenge



I’ve started a little challenge over on The Ignite Your Spark Tribe and on Instagram  which starts Monday 1st June.

– What it involves is writing a list of all of the things that TRULY LIGHTS you up –  the things that make your soul HAPPY dance.

– Once you have your list – (here is mine below as an example) you can use the hashtag #mysoulsparklist so we can connect as a group and then on Monday we start to do one thing of our soul spark list a day!


– Then post a photo each day of one of the things on your list , on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #thesoulsparkchallenge sharing it and posting it is a great way for us to stay committed to honouring our soul desires every day. Its a great way to build this life changing habit into your daily life.

I know that once we truly honour our soul happiness everyday our life will reflect this. We can not receive what we do not give to ourselves.

Try this challenge and watch your inner happiness and fulfilment with life transform! 

I can’t wait to see your post’s. Remember to use the hashtags #mysoulsparklist and #mysoulsparkchallenge – so we can all stay connected and support each other with igniting our sparks and shining bright!

You deserve to honour your soul EVERYDAY!


Love  Sarah x

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